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Votes for the Communist Party 1922 to 1979

Votes for the Communist Party 1922 to 1979

The number of votes won by the Communist Party between the elections 1922 and 1979 effectively proved that the United Kingdom was not a fertile ground for political extremism. The highest number of votes won by the Communist Party was in the 1945 general election and at any election, the highest number of MP's the party ever had was two.

1922 election: 33,637 votes in the UK

1923 election: 39,448 votes in the UK

1924 election: 55,346 votes in the UK

1929 election: 50,634 votes in the UK

1931 election: 74,824 votes in the UK

1935 election: 27,117 votes in the UK

1945 election: 102,780 votes in the UK

1950 election: 91,765 votes in the UK

1951 election: 21,640 votes in the UK

1955 election: 33,144 votes in the UK

1959 election: 30,896 votes in the UK

1964 election: 46,442 votes in the UK

1966 election: 62,092 votes in the UK

1970 election: 37,970 votes in the UK

1974 election*: 32,743 votes in the UK

1974 election~: 17,426 votes in the UK

1979 election: 16,858 votes in the UK

* = February

~ = October

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